When human cells are growing out of control or look and behave abnormally compared to healthy cells, the patient will be diagnosed with cancer.

At this time cancer treatment is inaccurate because it is impossible to target tumor cells without damaging healthy cells.

Scientists found that early detection of tumor cells is an important factor to successfully treat cancer in the future.

Nanotechnology is about to be an important milestone to cure patients with cancer.

Nano-engineers developed robots build from DNA-nanotechnology and their vision is, to better target and deliver cancer drugs thru nanobots to kill tumor cells more effectively.

They are so tiny that a single drop of water can hold billions of bots and can easily get injected into the human bloodstream without damaging any tissue.

Nanobots are produced from organic or so called biocompatible materials and can be tuned to avoid launching an immune response. This is a significant factor to not stimulate unwanted immune system reactions causing serious damages to he human body.

At this time, these tiny robots are already identifying twelve different types of cells in humans, ranging from tumor cells to abnormal white blood cells called leukemia.
This is a significant step in creating a new era of human medicine.
Nanobots are in near future but there is yet more work to be done.

A healthy lifestyle is the ultimate goal to not develop cancer and many other diseases. Personalized diet plans, sports, anti-stress management, bio-based nutrition and functional medicine will be the future of protecting human life from cancer diseases and promoting a healthy civilization.